One step ahead

Our apps have a minimalist design and data privacy as heights priority.
The combination of bright blue and a black background, not only provide a very good readability but also an increase in performance and energy efficiency.

The representation of the recorded data with color-coded beats per second together with the g force of the beats is due to our optimization, even for large amounts of data fluid and clear.
The challenge to design something new with a lot of freedom of choice for the user, but without overstraining the user. The syncronization of recorded g force, gps and video data with no visible delays has been achieved with our in-house player.The real-time compare between any recorded ride and the current ride is the highlight of the app and offers the user by the shown positions enough information.Recording tracks to drive on them is also a great achievement.The ability to change the colors, recordings and units was very important to us.
Die absolute freie Entscheidung bei der Creative Gestaltung eigener Pinnwand. Sei es die Bilder oder Texte oder Buttons mit individuelle Positionen und Farben und Inhalten. Mit den Buttons ermöglichen wir den User die Pinnwände zu verschachteln.
With this app we created a random generator on the smartphone and smartwatch. Letters numbers special characters or a combination of all. The generator works not only on the iPhone but also on the Applewatch and does not need a connection to the smartphone. Integrating so many computing tasks quickly and optimally into the Apple Watch was a great achievement.
With this app we demonstrated our experience and ability. A versatile app that uses the power of the smart device to create a powerful server for menus, product catalogs and POS terminal with card reader. An app that offers small and large businesses a simple and modern way in the age of online commerce and digitization, to stay competitive with a self-scan and self-checkout, electronic product list or electronic menu with order and direct payment option. As well as hakela bill.