Data privacy

Data protection declaration for the software provided by Software Engineering Muendane GmbH, Hertensteinstrasse 51, 6004 Luzern, authorised representative Mr. Gerhard Afonso Muendane, e-mail: [email protected]

1. Data collected

The apps Saropage, maxG and Punch coach record accelerometer data.
MaxG also records GPS data and videos.
In the app hakela only for the payment of important data (or credit card data, debit card data, etc.) are collected and purchase receipts and contents of the basket stored.

2. Purpose

  1. In saropage, the data described in 1 are used for random number generation.
  2. In maxG, the data explained in 1 are used for the later reproduction of the G-forces, the video and the drawing of the traveled route.
  3. In hakela, the data shown in 1 are used to perform the transactions.
  4. Punch coach uses the data described in 1 to display the punch rate and punch count.

3. Storage duration

  1. Data collected via Saropage, maxG and Punch coach are stored directly on users’ end devices and remain there until deletion by the user himself.
  2. The data collected in hakela, such as purchase receipts and contents of the shopping basket, are stored on the user’s and third party’s devices, where the goods have been purchased, and remain there until the user / third party deletes them.

4. Transmission to third parties

  1. MaxG only transmits data for the advertisements to third parties.
  2. In hakela, the transaction data and all the data required for this are forwarded to the payment provider for the transaction.

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